Win the above image framed in a raffle in support of Zelé Angelides on her residencies. 
Enter this Raffle and stand a chance to win a first edition framed panoramic print by Zelé Angelides valued at R11500.00 + a bonus portrait photographic studio shoot. 

Only R100 buys you one ticket! 
You can buy as many tickets as you want and increase your chance of winning!

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Prize includes:
First Edition Framed Panoramic
Breë Street 
Photographic Print on Fine Art Cotton Rag
First Edition
Size: 163cm x 66cm
Value: R11500.00
+ a bonus portrait photographic studio shoot.

I (Zelé Angelides) have been accepted to an amazing two week residency in Toronto Canada and then a month residency in New York and I need your support! New experience and perspectives are one of the most important things as an artist that we need to grow and expand. During these residencies it gives me the opportunity to focus on my work as a photographer for a concentrated and uninterrupted time away from my day job and normal schedule. This experience will give me the opportunity to engage with like-minded creative individuals across the globe who are on the frontiers of their fields. To gain a range of support and engagement from a foreign environment, in order to broaden my conceptual and perceptual horizon. 

I want to give back to you, too! I'm offering this Framed Panoramic print as a prize in exchange for your generosity to my cause.

But there is more:
As an added bonus the winner will also receive a portrait photographic shoot in studio by Zelé Angelides.

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Thank you for your time. 

Much love
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